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certificate Welcome to Imperial Roses
Congratulations on discovering the wonderful gift of Naming your very own English Rose. This is your first step to growing and naming your very own Roses, which will be recorded for eternity within our own International Rose Naming Database. This gift provides a great story to tell all your friends and family, of how you have christened and recorded your very own uniquely named Imperial Rose. Once you have grown your very own Roses with the help of our easy to use instructions you will be able to proudly show off to friends and family your own grown and named Rose.
On this website you are able to register new roses, using your unique seed pod number. Simply enter your details when prompted and you will register your Rose in own International Rose Naming Database. If you have already registered your rose in our database then you can login online and view a copy of your unique Rose Naming Certificate.
Thank you for visiting Imperial Roses and we trust you will enjoy your Imperial Rose Gift Set.